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Your notification of charges

Your notification of charges

Your notification of charges

The grey field shows your name, your client ID number and the number of the current notification of your charges.

Your contribution at a glance

This box provides a break-down of your contribution towards the cost of the services you receive. It also shows any credit entries that have been made to your account.


Your itemised notification

Settlement of mobile and semi-residential services

The contribution towards the cost of mobile and semi-residential services ist invoiced two months in arrears.

Units of service & rates

Here you will find the individual units of service provided to you and their actual price (rate).

Break-down of your contribution

This is your contribution per unit of service

Funding from the FSW

The light grey section shows the financial assistance paid towards your care cost by the Vienna Social Fund (FSW).

Advance payment

The contribution towards the cost of accomodation and care and of care for persons with disabilities has to be paid monthly in advance. Here you will find the invoiced units of service, the applicable rate, the amount of funding from the FSW and the amount of your contribution.

Readjustment of charges

If charges in your personal data, e.g. a change in the level of your nursing care allowance or your income, also affect your share in the cost of the services you receive, your charges will be readjusted accordingly.


Your account information


If you have any outstanding payments on your account, we will enclose a current statement of your account.

Payment date

The payment date indicates when the relevant amount is or was due to be paid.

Amount of contribution

Here you will find the amount of your contribution for the stated period.


This column shows you the current status of your notification, e.g. current notification, payment reminder, payment by instalments.

Outstanding amount

This is the amount which you still have to pay.







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